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(Note: We are not affiliated with Quacken Farms, a perfectly nice family fun farm in California.)

If you want duck decals or bumper stickers, click here, or here for high-quality duck calls. On the other hand, click here or here for medical fraud alerts. If you wish to support Ducks Unlimited, go here. If you are in Maine and want a fine Duck Dinner, go here. If you wonder whether a quack echoes click here. Perhaps you are interested in a more formal study of quack acoustics or quack linguistics (children's game version here!) Then again you may wish to know more about the infamous Quack Project, acquired by America Online for $200M in 1999 (and that ain't quackers!) There are certain things that look like ducks but aren't, as far as is known. Some of these things can be seen here. Finally, you may need an emergency course in duck jokes (or for jokes more focused on bibulous ducks, go here.)

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